Sunday, May 25, 2008


Sitting at my writing desk, pen in hand, waiting for the maelstrom of topic choice to ease up, the words of Charles Schwab comes to mind : “People can succeed at almost anything for which they have unlimited enthusiasm”

I have often wondered why it is that while some people succeed at what they do, some others will fail at that same project given commensurate resources and opportunities. The reason is clear enough from the quote above. Enthusiasm, which translates to great enjoyment, interest or approval, it is! From writing, through sports, to arts/entertainment, and even child raising, to mention but a few, the theory holds true.

The level of success achieved in any venture is reflective of the amount of zeal one possesses for it. Enthusiasm, which can also be viewed as “love for what you do”, is goes beyond the number of hours allotted to physical work or effort. It starts from the mind and it’s a powerful force that represents how much ones heart inclined to the project at hand. Here is a clear example that will illustrate this. No matter how much I have in terms of resources and work force to produce a novel – finances, publishers, printing press, you name them! - I will never be able to publish a novel that can be named on the list of successful literature if, first, I do not have a flair for or an interest in writing.

Where enthusiasm is a foundation, zeal takes shoot and it becomes easier to be creative. New ideas, better methods and other off spring of creative thinking will be evident simply because you enjoy what you do. Putting in physical effort becomes less tiring and extra hours seem but a little sacrifice to make. An enthusiastic individual is hardly fazed by distractions because he/she is willing to scale any hurdle in the way of making his dream project a success.

If success has eluded you in some of your past endeavours, I guess you can now easily recognise one of the contributing factors, lack of love for what you do. However, in the words of James Long, “One of the reasons God created time was that there would be a place to bury the failures of the past”. Your success stories are set to begin, starting NOW!

You can start with a re- orientation. Recondition your mind to love whatsoever it is you have found to do. This is likely consideration if you are stuck with your current work or job, where you really do not have a choice. For example, in child raising, switching kids may not be a possibility, so the earlier you start loving the idea, the better, that is, if raising great leaders of the future is your aim. Read books and other materials that are relevant to what you do and will make you understand it better. You can chat with other successful people in your line of duty. And get useful tips from them. Better still, (more likely for people who are their own boss!), seek out something you enjoy doing and give it your best. That way, you can make a success story out of it.

One great tool that comes handy in achieving a change in attitude is prayer. Jesus said in Matthew 7 vs. 7 that we should ask and we shall be given. There is no limit to what one can pray about, kids, jobs, relationships, etc. Develop a positive mindset, think positively and confess same. When you have developed the needed interest, your physical effort is set to produce great results.

Note: Success does not respect colour, sex or religion. Success only respects the price



Jirel said...

Hi Novbe,

I know this is your first post but you have made great start by writing this wonderful, really inspiring post. I very much like this post and found very insightful.

True, if you have enthusiasm from your heart to do something, you can do that easily. As you have write, that's your inner interest to do something which will minmize everything you need like physical force.

Novbe said...


Gail Alexander said...

Thank you for the wonderful writing. You express your philosophy very eloquently. I found your writing to be very inspirational. I also like how you add authority to what you say by using relevant quotes. I will be back to read more.

Gail Alexander

Viv King said...

Hi Novbe
Your writing is gifted, honest and sincere and wise. I found it most helpful to me - uplifting and inspiring. I am giving you a stumble. You are very good. Bless you in your endeavours - I am feeling so much better now - I am an artist - have not had much commercial success but I certainly love what I do. It is difficult to go on without financial rewards or indeed any other rewards or encouragement but i do anyway - carried forward by my own passion for the subject - I would like to have this post in my blog if I may. It is just so powerful. Can you please let me know if you would let me give you a guest slot?
I am an artist and I blog about my paintings and the joys/trials of beginning an art career after 50!