Thursday, September 27, 2012

Giant In The Sun

A giant sitting in the sun....
Other people see him for what he is...a giant,
But he cant see himself hindered by the rays of the sun,
His potentials unknown to him yet envied by those afar off.

Every one of us has something in us that makes us unique...
A talent, a gift, an act, a virtue, a blog page, ....(you fill in the blanks)
Something that others appreciate...silently or otherwise
Yet may not be seen fully by ourselves.

Would the giant arise?
See himself truly for what he is?
Then, indeed, can he take bold steps as befitting of a giant,
And occupy fully, the status ascribed him.

In one way or the other,
We may fit into the picture of the giant in the sun
But the time to 'arise' is we reflect on this post
Lets discover our love, to sing, to write, to act, even being out true selves..
Arise and put them to use in our own little or big way

Who knows, we could be making this world a more tolerable palce to live in!

Signing out,

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