Sunday, September 23, 2012


First things first...sincere apologies to my readers and followers for being away for so long without notice.

As i put my hands to keyboard to write this post, i cant help but reflect on how life has been in the last 4years....quite some time! I have had my fair share of ups and downs but one thing i must say got me back here is persistence.

A wise man once said that "it is not the strength of water that makes it cut through a rock, but its persistensce". to that i say "word".

Many a times, things may not turn out the way we dreamed it to marriage, kids, our jobs, etc. But at such times, when you feel like you should call it quits, stop and reflect on the reason you chose where you are or what you do, in the first place, and let this be the motivational fuel that propels you to the finish line.

You may never know what beauty awaits you on the other side, simply because you did not persevere in your pursuit.

Persist till you break through.

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